‘Valkyria: Azure Revolution’ Showcases Story And “LeGION” System

Get a crash course in the story and gameplay of the latest installment in the Valkyria saga.

Sega’s Valkyria franchise will return next January with the release of Valkyria: Azure Revolution. The Sony-exclusive revival tells the tale of empires at war over the azure ore “Ragnite”. Past entries in the series featured unique distance-based RTS mechanics, though Azure Revolution touts “LeGION” as its new core gameplay system. The gameplay mechanics haveĀ been reworked since the demo’s Japanese release due to negative fan-feedback, however the title’s gameplay still distances itself from the previous RTS style, as players are free to move and attack as they see fit, and pause the action to select and deploy special attacks.

The trailer is presented entirely in Japanese, however Sega recently released a new video for Valkyria: Azure Revolution. The new trailer features introduces more characters and expands on the story behind the Ragnite War. Those curious about the gameplay switch, the LeGION system is highlighted in the closing half of the trailer.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution will release for the PS4 and PS Vita on 1/19; the title has not been confirmed for North America and Europe.

Source: Sega
Image courtesy of Sega, Media Vision

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