‘Overcooked’ Gets New DLC, “Gourmet Edition” Bundle

Overcooked is getting six new chefs and worlds with the new “The Lost Morsel” DLC.

From Ghost Town Games and publisher Team17, Overcooked released¬†in early August for PC, Xbox One and PS4. The title became a YouTube and Twitch sensation, as 1-4 players micromanage the stressful activities of a frantic kitchen. ¬†Players need to cooperate to serve requested dishes to customers spanning over 8 inventive kitchens and restaurants; Overcooked‘s repertoire of chaotic stages include a single-lane kitchen, a cooking area split between two trucks on the highway, and even a restaurant split by an active fault-line.

Overcooked‘s first DLC expansion, “The Lost Morsel” is now available across all platforms. The new content is strewn across a brand new map accessible from the “DLC” option in-game; players will be treated to six new worlds and an extra six unlockable chefs. The Lost Morsel also includes a new “Jungle” in-game theme, and a helicopter for players to ride in on the map screen.

The Lost Morsel DLC can be purchased for $4.99 across all platforms, however those who have not purchased the base game can do so with the Overcooked: Gourmet Edition bundle for $20 through Steam, PSN and XBLA.

Source: Ghost Town Games Ltd.
Image courtesy of Ghost Town Games Ltd, Team17

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