‘Shadow Warrior 2’ “Way Of The Wang” DLC Now Available

Today’s update doubles as both free DLC content and a patch to address many multiplayer and game engine issues.

Developer Flying Wild Hog released the first major DLC package for Shadow Warrior 2 this morning as a free bonus. “The Way of the Wang” includes three extra Difficulty levels, and seven new “Trials” to challenge players, with the most skilled of assassins obtaining the new “Fist of Gozu” battle axe¬†upon completion. Though not a major component of the game, the DLC expands the crafting gameplay to feature three new “Gem” modes; Infuse, Purify and Embed Gems are available upon completing the new Trials, allowing players to fuse Gems with weapons, upgrade base stats and remove negative effects from items. Five new Steam/In-Game Achievements have also been added for an extra player-driven challenge.

The Way of the Wang comes bundled with several patches and gameplay fixes, including problems with the camera orientation in Photo Mode, save-data relocation on the hard drive, Vanish ability irregularity, and quest items not appearing in co-op.

Shadow Warrior 2 is available for PC, with console versions coming early next year.

Source: Flying Wild Hog
Image courtesy of Flying Wild Hog, Devolver Digital

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