CES 2017: Razer Unveils “Project Valerie” And “Project Ariana”

The mad scientists of Razer unveiled new prototypes for a triple-monitor laptop and a room-tracking gaming projector.

What often seems like a showcase of electronics no one can afford, the Consumer Electronics Show began this week in Las Vegas, NV. The event is home to some of the most ambitious consumer electronics projects from companies around the world, including the likes of Microsoft, Acer, GM, Toyota, LG, Sony, NVidia, AMD, Razer and more. CES isn’t necessarily an event with gaming in mind, however several hardware and peripheral companies use the convention to showcase some of their most extreme future products and prototypes.

Gaming peripheral-turned-OEM manufacturer Razer brought two new prototypes to CES 2017 this year in the form of a new laptop and gaming projector. Following their appearances with the Razer Switchblade, Project Christine and the infamous “thinner than a dime” Razer Blade gaming laptops, Razer unveiled “Project Valerie”, a Blade with a built-in triple-monitor display. The laptop resembles the current-gen Razer Blade Pro, however the two additional 17″ monitors are deployed and held in place by a system of automated levers, all hidden within the chassis; being only a prototype, the version currently on display at CES 2017 cannot retract the side-monitors. Project Valerie features a modified Razer Blade Pro aluminum chassis, with an NVidia GTX 1080 GPU outputting 4K resolution across all three monitors at a staggering 11520×2160. The keyboard and trackpad come equipped with custom Razer Chroma support, along the bottom edges of the two side-monitors.

With Razer’s Chroma feature becoming the new standard across their PC gaming peripherals, the company is looking into the next stage of their adaptive player-customized system. Dubbed “Project Ariana”, Razer is looking to extend gaming past the edges of the screen and into the rest of the living room. It only exists in concept, however Razer’s Project Ariana is a projector that tracks the gameplay content on the screen- be it a PC monitor or TV- and maps it across the entire viewing area. The projection can be customized to act as either an extended gameplay field-of-view past the edges of the screen, or have player-specific features, akin to that of the Chroma options.

Release windows have not been given for Razer’s Project Valerie and Project Ariana, as both are just prototypes. It should be noted that Razer doesn’t necessarily scrap all of their prototypes; the Project Christine modular PC project may have been put on the shelf, but the Razer Switchblade mobile gaming console lives on as the Switchblade UI embedded in select Razer Blade laptops.

Source: Razer
Image courtesy of Razer

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