Razer Unveils New Tech At CES 2014

The mad scientists at Razer have been hard at work on several new items, including a new “smartband”, a new line of headphones, and a “modular” PC.

The Consumer Electronics Show began yesterday morning, where several hardware and software-based companies showcase all kinds of new projects which are currently in-development, as well as some conceptual ideas for future products. Hardware and peripheral manufacturing company Razer had a handful of new reveals during the first day of CES, as they’ve been working on a new line of headphones, a “smartband”, and a conceptual “modular” PC.

Taking their first step into the social market, Razer announced the Nabu; the Razer Nabu is a “smartband” that synchronizes with the wearer’s social media, phone, and any other accessories, and can deliver non-distracting updates on a small touch-screen embedded within the wristband. The Nabu can also act as a fitness accessory or exercise-companion, a standard wrist-watch with an alarm, or a stand-alone social device that can pair with and exchange data with other Nabu devices:

Razer is one of the leading manufacturers of PC-gaming headsets and audio devices; with the new Adaro series, everyone can experience the quality of Razer headsets- not just gamers. The Adaro series of headphones are designed to deliver the same level of audio quality as the gaming headsets, but for more “practical” uses; future items include aluminum earbuds with 10mm dynamic drivers, analog and Bluetooth stereo headphones, and Adaro DJ headphones– with 50mm drivers and an interchangeable cable-jack system.

A few years ago, Razer began producing tablets and laptops built exclusively for gaming and maximum portability: With consumer-customization in mind, Razer announced “Project Christine”, the manufacturer’s first desktop PC. While it’s still in a conceptual phase, Christine features fully modular components that can be slid into a PCI-express-enabled chassis; each component is fully sealed, and features individual noise dampening and liquid cooling.

Project Christine is still in-development, so no release date or price has been set.

Source: Razer
Images courtesy of Razer

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