‘STRAFE’ Trailer Finally Announces Release Date

The best shooter from not-quite-1996 finally comes to PC and PS4 this March.

STRAFE first appeared as a Kickstarter project in 2015, with developer Pixel Titans promising to deliver the best FPS of 1996. Players will be subjected to all the classic tropes of mid-to-late 90’s shooters- frantic gameplay, a wide variety of weapons, complex levels rife with progression-based puzzles, and a comical amount of violence. As satisfying as the core game may be, STRAFE will also feature elements of the Roguelike RPG sub-genre through randomly generated levels, enemy placement and available weapons.

One successful crowdfunding campaign later, STRAFE is scheduled to launch for PC and Mac this year under publisher Devolver Digital. A series of trailers and an “Uber-Gore” tech demo have teased fans over┬áthe duration of 2016, but the latest STRAFE trailer finally gives fans an official release date of March 28th.

The Steam store page is live, however users cannot pre-purchase the title as of this time. Again, STRAFE will be available on 3/28 as a digital title for PC, Mac and PS4.

Source: Pixel Titans (via Twitter)
Image courtesy of Pixel Titans, Devolver Digital


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