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‘Mega Man 2.5D’ Free Fan-Game Finally Releases For PC

Eight years of labor and love have finally produced Mega Man 2.5D, a 3D re-imagining of the Mega Man “Classic” saga for PC.

What started as an animated proof-of-concept released back in 2009, Mega Man 2.5D evolved into a full-length game based on the Mega Man “Classic” NES series. Developed by a small team of passionate Mega Man fans and gaming musicians “Norbo”, “RushJet1”, Sebastian “Warheart” Valck, “Bsolmaz13 and “Megacocorock”, Mega Man 2.5D has players tackling a selection of remixed stages from Mega Man 1-10 in, single-player, or co-op and Versus modes between brothers Mega Man and Proto Man; in-game Achievements and Extras are also available for the truly dedicated player.

Mega Man 2.5D can be downloaded through Lead Game Designer Peter Sjöstrand’s website. Current links lead to Google Drive and an alternative torrent file; another installer was previously hosted on OneDrive, but has since been removed.

Source: Mega Man 2.5D Official Website (via Peter Sjöstrand)
Image courtesy of the MM2.5D Development Team

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