‘Sine Mora EX’ Announced For Nintendo Switch

The challenging Shoot-Em-Up from Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality heads to the Nintendo Switch this Summer.

Sine Mora first debuted in 2012 from developers Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality as an Xbox Live-exclusive Bullet Hell “Shmup”. The Hungarian-voiced shooter features a wide cast of animal pilots engaged in war across a “Dieselpunk” themed world. Apart from the obvious challenges of playing a Bullet Hell shooter, Sine Mora challenged players with an ever-present countdown timer similar to old-school arcade racing games; players can only affect their remaining time through power-ups and a cooldown-based ability to temporarily slow time. The title is also revered among Shmup fans for its soundtrack composed by Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill, Shadows of the Damned, Black Knight Sword) and bosses designed by Mahiro Maeda of The Animatrix (“The Second Renaissance”) and Blue Submarine No. 6 fame.

A¬†next-gen update to the original, Sine Mora EX was previously announced for the Xbox One and PS4, now complimented by this week’s confirmation of a Nintendo Switch release. Sine Mora EX will feature¬†enhanced visuals, two-player Co-Op and Versus modes, and customizable weapons for use in Story Mode and the less-than-forgiving Arcade Mode.

Sine Mora EX will release on the Nintendo Switch this Summer alongside the PS4 and Xbox One versions. The original Sine Mora is available for purchase through XBLA, PSN and Steam.

Source: Nintendo
Image courtesy of Digital Reality, Grasshopper Manufacture, THQ Nordic

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