E3 2017: ‘Sonic Forces’ Gameplay Trailer Teases Army Of Returning Villains

The latest Sonic Forces trailer sees the past, present and future of heroes and villains gearing up for war.

From the internal Sonic Team crew behind Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, Sonic Forces is the second half of Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary celebration, following the retro-throwback title Sonic Mania. Though little is known about the plot itself, 2017’s 3D Sonic title sees “Classic” and “Modern” Sonic teaming up once again to stop an interdimensional foe, this time with the help of a third custom player-made hero.

As previous trailers have shown, gameplay is split between 2.5D side-scrolling stages as Classic Sonic, and Modern Sonic’s lighting-fast 3D levels found among the current generation of Sonic games; the player-made character is free to tackle both gameplay styles. It’s suggested that Sonic Forces is a direct sequel to Sonic Generations, with time-travel and parallel dimensions still being a plot-device, however a main antagonist had yet to be seen until today’s new gameplay trailer. Making its E3 2017 debut via the Nintendo Treehouse broadcast, the trio of heroes must fight against not just Dr. Eggman (or “Robotnik” for the older fans), but the entire rogues gallery of Sonic villains, including the likes of Chaos, Metal Sonic, Shadow the Hedgehog, and an enigmatic new entity glowing in red.

Sonic Forces will release for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PC sometime later this year.

Source: Sega (via Nintendo)
Image courtesy of Sega

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