E3 2017: ‘Sushi Striker’ Announced For Nintendo 3DS

Learn the “Way of Sushido” in Sushi Striker, a food-based puzzle-combat game coming to the Nintendo 3DS.

As the hype continues to swell around the Nintendo Switch and its future library of heavy-hitting titles, Nintendo doesn’t want gamers to forget about its smaller-scale console family of handhelds. Following the recent announcements of the New 2DS XL, a handheld version of Fire Emblem Warriors and the long-awaited reveal of a new side-scrolling MetroidMetroid: Samus Returns– Nintendo is announcing yet another brand new title for its handheld library, Sushi Striker.

Developed and published by Nintendo themselves, Sushi Striker: The Way of the Sushido is a brand new IP, throwing elements of combat and matched-based puzzle games into a world where “conveyor-belt sushi fighting” is the daily norm. Players take the role of a conveyor-sushi chef who must defend his or her homeland from invaders; the most acceptable form of defense in the world of Sushi Striker is to bombard enemies with fantastic plates of gourmet sushi. As the sushi belts move plates back and forth across the bottom screen, players must match a series before flinging them at the enemy on the upper screen; the more plates and sushi dishes matched, the stronger the attack.

Sushi Striker: The Way of the Sushido will release for the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS sometime in 2018. Suggested by the fine-text of the E3 2017 gameplay trailer, Sushi Striker cannot be played in 3D.

Source: Nintendo
Image courtesy of Nintendo

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