E3 2017: ‘ARMS’ To Receive Free Updates And DLC Character “Max Brass”

The former champion Max Brass is one of many new features planned for the future of ARMS.

ARMS is Nintendo’s new fighting game IP exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The title has since released across retail and the Switch eShop, but Nintendo held the “ARMS Invitational Tournament” during E3 2017 earlier this week; the competition finally gave Nintendo fans an idea of how the long-range boxing game works in the hands of gamers, as opposed to the development team.

Serving as both the Producer of ARMS and the “Final Boss” exhibition match opponent of the ARMS Invitational, Kosuke Yabuki shed some light on the future of the title and the potential for DLC characters. In an E3 Treehouse Live show floor presentation Thursday afternoon, Yabuki revealed that ARMS will receive extra features through free content updates scattered throughout the rest of the year. These updates will include anything from gameplay and balance adjustments to additional weapons, modes and characters; the Spectator Mode shown during the ARMS Invitational will be among the first new features to be added in an update.

Though ARMS already has an eccentric cast of fighters, Yabuki revealed the first post-launch character to be “Max Brass”, the former champion of the ARMS fighting league. With arms constructed from championship belts and a body clad entirely in brass and gold, Max Brass serves as one of the game’s more daunting opponents; Max Brass has an active charge ability enabling him to swell his upper body, negating any potential for a “Flinch” or “Stun” state; taken from Spring Man’s arsenal of tricks, if Brass’s health drops below 25%, his gloves will stay permanently charged for the rest of the match.

The Max Brass and Spectator Mode update are expected to arrive next month. ARMS is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo
Image courtesy of Nintendo


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