‘ARMS’ Japanese Twitter Account Teases Next DLC Character

A mysterious shape-shifting fighter is about to join the ARMS League later this year.

Though it’s currently lying in the online shadows of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2, ARMS is one of Nintendo’s latest new IP’s, and a multiplayer heavy-hitter of the Nintendo Switch. The acrobatic Fighter has players going head-to-head in the ARMS League and Grand Prix, where fighters are either made or broken in a series of intense long-range boxing matches complete with weapons and character-specific abilities.

Following the recent release of DLC character Max Brass, Nintendo is hinting at another new combatant of the ARMS Grand Prix with a brief video teaser on Twitter. The post on the official Japanese ARMS Twitter account reads that announcer Biff caught wind of another ARMS fighter while traveling overseas; the fighter in question can apparently change his or her body shape at will, however Biff could only back up his claim with unclear footage from a broken camera.

ARMS is available both digitally and physically for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo (via Twitter)
Image courtesy of Nintendo

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