‘Arcana Heart 3: Love Max Six Stars!!!!!!’ Coming To PC This Winter

A localized port of Arcana Heart 3‘s latest update is coming to North America thanks to a still-active Kickstarter campaign.

The Arcana Heart saga is one of the Fighter genre’s longest-running and most successful all-female franchises. Making its arcade and console debut in 2006, Examu’s Fighter prides itself on its cute “Moe” visuals and character designs, paired with frantic ground and air-based mechanics; players also have access to basic-level customization with “Arcana Selection”, granting each character an alternate set of energy-based techniques based on the Arcana of choice.

The last Arcana Heart title to release in North America was 2013’s Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!!, a visually and mechanically updated version of 2009’s Arcana Heart 3 co-developed by Examu and Arc System Works. A third update, LOVE MAX SIX STARS!!!!!! made its way to Japanese arcades in 2014, complete with a new Arcana ability and new character “Minori Amanohara”, bringing the Arcana Heart 3 roster up to 24 characters. Upon seeing the success of LOVE MAX!!!!! on Steam, Examu has taken to Kickstarter with hopes of bringing SIX STARS!!!!!! overseas for a PC-exclusive release. The crowdfunding campaign began earlier this month and has since overtaken its initial funding goal of $100,000, but interested fighting game fans still have another two weeks to contribute towards the PC release. Stretch Goals include two playable characters (“Shark Girl” at $260,000, “Dark Heart” at $400,000), and new boss character “Omega” at $500,000; her playable Stretch Goal is listed at $570,000.

A minimum contribution of $25 is required to pre-order a digital copy of SIX STARS!!!!!!, however die-hard Arcana Heart fans may contribute to higher tiers, with rewards including a digital soundtrack, illustrations, posters, a physical copy of the game, or an exclusive 30cm/12in. tall Aino Heart acrylic figure; at $10,000, Examu will take a picture/landmark of the contributor’s choosing (so long as no advertisements, billboards, etc. are present) and transform it into both a stage background and physical poster.

Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX SIX STARS!!!!!! is expected to release for PC via Steam this December. The Kickstarter campaign will close on the morning of 8/1.

Source: Examu
Image courtesy of Examu


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