‘Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite’ Receives Four Returning Characters At SDCC 2017

A quartet of veteran Marvel VS Capcom fighters are making their way into Infinite via new footage from Comic-Con.

What began as a simple convention for comics, artists and a place for Star Wars and Star Trek fans to intermingle, Comic-Con has since evolved into the ultimate showcase of comic-book culture, spanning movies, TV and collectibles. Apart from such announcements as the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC’s up-and-coming film saga, both San Diego Comic-Con and its New York counterpart have played host to several gaming announcements and updates, including new trailers for Injustice, Marvel VS Capcom, Deadpool and Marvel Heroes.

The doors to SDCC 2017 opened to fans this morning, with promises of new movie trailers, looks at new and exclusive collectibles, and a series of new game trailers and announcements. Not to miss a perfect opportunity, Capcom and Marvel gave fans a private first-look at four “new” characters for Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite. The trailer will not be made public until tomorrow, however some audience members were quick to capture and host the footage online: Making their way into the Infinite roster are Resident Evil‘s Nemesis, Frank West of Dead Rising fame, Spider-Man and Final Fight‘s Mike Haggar; all four fighters previously appeared in Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, but Spider-Man seems to have undergone the most drastic change, with his “Level 3” super-attack now utilizing Green Goblin’s homing-grenades.

Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite will release for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 9/19. For those who missed EVO 2017 this past weekend, Capcom also casually revealed Marvel’s Gamora (pictured above) and Darkstalkers‘s Jedah through a brief exhibition match.

Image courtesy of Capcom

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