‘DOOM’ “Update 6.66” Improves Multiplayer Progression, All DLC Now Free

New multiplayer player-level mechanics, a refined Rune system and user interface, bug fixes and a free weekend are all in store for DOOM…Oh, and all previous DLC is now free.

Just over a year after the triumphant return of the Doom franchise, 2016’s DOOM received a significant new update this morning across all platforms. “Update 6.66” includes a multitude of bug-fixes and improvements, however the real action lies within the new changes to DOOM‘s online multiplayer mode. Starting today, players will no longer unlock additional items at random, but through completing item-specific challenges and player-level requirements. The major caveat is that all players will be reset to “Level 0”; the level decrease is unavoidable due to the system change, however veteran players have the option of either retaining all of their previously unlocked items- be they DLC or content unlocked through gameplay- or restarting completely fresh within the new system. Regardless of their choice, seasoned online competitors will receive special in-game badges for their commitment to the game over the past year.

Update 6.66 removes the “Hack Module” system from multiplayer, in exchange for the new Runes System similar to that used within the single-player campaign. Runes are included within each player’s loadout, acting as a persistent modifier throughout the match, or until the Rune ability is swapped out for another one. On the surface-level, players will notice changes to the UI, featuring revised kill cards, better in-depth post-match summaries, improved weapon and item descriptions, and more accurate player status lobby information.

Considerably the best feature of today’s update for those who have yet to pick up DOOM on consoles or PC, all previously-released multiplayer DLC is now free across all platforms; this includes the content offered within the”Unto the Evil“, “Hell Followed” and “Bloodfall” Season Pass expansions and all other free content updates issued over the past year. For the next two weekends, Bethesda will also offer a “Free Weekend” event for potential DOOM players; beginning at 12pm ET on 7/20 and 7/27, curious gamers can dive into the first two levels of the single-player campaign, and have free reign over all multiplayer and SnapMap modes. The last carrot dangled by id Software and Bethesda, digital copies of DOOM will receive a temporary discount down to $14.99 (NA)/£11.99 (UK)/$17.99 (AUS) during both Free Weekend events.

DOOM is available both digitally and physically for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Source: Bethesda
Image courtesy of id Software, Bethesda

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