‘The Evil Within 2’ Gets New “Survive” Gameplay Trailer

The search for Sebastian’s long-lost daughter is “all your fault” in the latest gameplay trailer for The Evil Within 2.

Officially announced during E3 2017, Bethesda and horror aficionado Shinji Mikami have partnered up once again for The Evil Within 2. Set shortly after the events of the first game, Detective Sebastian Castellanos is coerced into working with MOBIUS, the antagonistic organization behind the STEM project. Despite the previous horrors Castellanos was put through between the acts of MOBIUS and Ruvik’s STEM project, the detective learns that his daughter’s death was in fact staged by MOBIUS, and the organization used her to build a second STEM unit; Castellanos is promised a chance to reunite with his long-lost daughter Lily, but only if he’s willing to dive back into- and survive- the world of Union, a creation of his daughter’s mind.

The latest gameplay trailer for The Evil Within 2 focuses on just that- survival. Titled “Survive”, the new gameplay segment offers up a generous helping of unsettling imagery dreamed up by Shinji Mikami, and a plethora of the disturbing new inhabitants of Union; the trailer also drives Castellano’s personal guilt home, as Lily herself constantly reminds her father that her disappearance was all his fault.

The Evil Within 2 will release for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on Friday the 13th, 10/13.

Source: Bethesda
Image courtesy of Bethesda

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