‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ Trailer Reveals Deep-Space Dogfights

The latest Battlefront II trailer gives long-time fans just what they’ve always wanted- epic deep-space dogfighting for the current console generation.

A recent leak may have given the surprise away early, but EA and DICE have since responded by unveiling the official “Starfighter Assault” trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II at Gamescom 2017. A gameplay feature many longtime Battlefront fans missed from 2015’s reboot, Starfighter Assault is a dedicated dogfighting mode with players in the cockpits of ships from the iconic Rebel and Imperial fleets. Though actual gameplay is absent from the cinematic “game engine footage” trailer, Star Wars fans can still marvel over the potential chaos to be offered from the five maps; “The Unknown Regions: Resurgent Star Destroyer”, “Endor: Death Star Debris”, “Fondor: Imperial Shipyard”, “Ryloth: Lucrehulk Battleship” and “Kamino: Research Outpost”.

Star Wars Battlefront II will release for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 11/17.

Source: EA
Image courtesy of EA, DICE, Criterion

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