‘Sea Of Thieves’ Will Support PC/Xbox One Cross-Play

PC and console pirates may sail the seven seas together when Sea of Thieves launches next year.

Sea of Thieves was announced back at E3 2015 as Rare’s next grand adventure for the Xbox One. Rare’s first new IP since 2010- or for those who want to disregard Kinect Sports, first new IP since 2005’s Kameo: Elements of Power. The Microsoft-exclusive pirate simulator allows for players to organize their own band of pirates and set forth on a swashbuckling fantasy of sailing open waters, deciphering treasure maps, pillaging and bartering loot, and engaging in naval combat against other online players. Sea of Thieves gameplay has been shown at the three E3 events since its initial reveal, however the release date has been delayed twice- now sitting in an uncertain window within 2018.

Earlier today, Microsoft held their own conference at Gamescom 2017, focusing on the future release of the Xbox One X, its launch-window lineup and a slew of special bundles for both the enhanced member of the Xbox One family and the current Xbox One S. Among today’s plethora of trailers and announcements, developer Rare announced that Sea of Thieves will support Cross-Play between its Xbox One and PC versions. For those who are eager to upgrade to the Xbox One X, the enhanced console will grant Sea of Thieves a solid presentation of 60fps at 4K; if the hardware is capable, the PC version will also allow for an unlocked framerate with resolution support for 21:9 and 4K or higher.

Sea of Thieves will release exclusively for the Xbox One and PC sometime in 2018.

Source: Rare
Image courtesy of Rare, Microsoft

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