‘Jurassic World Evolution’ Park Simulator Coming In Summer 2018

Players can finally build and manage their own dinosaur attractions when Jurassic World Evolution arrives next year.

Microsoft’s Gamescom 2017 Mixer broadcast primarily focused on the upcoming launch of the Xbox One X, however the broadcast was not without a handful of new game reveals, updates and other announcements. Among the roughly two hours of announcements was the reveal of Jurassic World Evolution. Developed by Frontier Developments of Planet Coaster, Zoo Tycoon and Elite Dangerous fame, Jurassic World Evolution is an upcoming RTS and simulator allowing players to build their own Jurassic World park. Set on Isla Nubar and the surrounding islands, the Jurassic Park-inspired take on the City Building/Simulation genre lets players build research facilities and attractions, and manage park faculty and security; adventurous biology enthusiasts can even engineer new breeds of reptile from the existing catalog of in-game dinosaurs.

Jurassic World Evolution is expected to release for Xbox One, PS4 and PC in Summer 2018 near the theatrical release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Source: Microsoft
Image courtesy of Frontier Developments, Universal

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