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Microsoft Unveils New Xbox One S Bundles, Two Limited Edition Consoles

The streamlined Xbox One S and its true-4K successor have three bundles and limited editions between them set to release this Fall.

Germany’s annual Gamescom event kicked off this weekend with Microsoft’s live broadcast via Mixer. The roughly two-hour presentation primarily focused on the “most powerful console ever made”, but still showcased a plethora of new announcements, including new trailers for Assassin’s Creed Origins, ReCore: Definitive Edition and Jurassic World Evolution.

Perhaps its early preparation for the holiday season, but Microsoft took time out of their broadcast to reveal three new Xbox One products for October and November. The “Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle” will be the first of the three consoles, hitting store shelves on the first Tuesday of October; this 1TB Xbox One S features a custom “Dirt Block” color scheme and a translucent “Redstone” inlay on the backside of the console; accompanying the console is a custom green “Creeper” controller, and a pre-installed copy of Minecraft and its “Redstone Pack” DLC.

It may not be as eccentric as its Minecraft counterpart, however Microsoft will release another 1TB Xbox One S console featuring a digital copy of Middle Earth: Shadow of War; apart from the standard white console and controller, those with capable Windows 10 PCs will receive an additional copy of Middle Earth: Shadow of War, as the Shadow of Mordor sequel is an Xbox Play Anywhere title (i.e. purchase once, obtain both a Windows 10 and Xbox One copy).

The last of the three Gamescom-announced consoles is Microsoft’s latest flagship piece of tech, the Xbox One X. Akin to the release of the original Xbox One, Microsoft will offer an alternate day-one version- Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition. This jet-black variant features a unique box fusing the styles of the original and modern Xbox consoles, and “Project Scorpio” inscribed in bold-green on both the console and controller.

All three consoles will be available in-stores upon launch, but for those not willing to take chances, Microsoft has already begun taking pre-orders for the Minecraft Xbox One S Bundle and the Project Scorpio Edition Xbox One X: The $399.99 Minecraft bundle will release first on 10/3, followed by the Middle Earth: Shadow of War bundle on 10/10, and the $499.99 Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition on 11/7.

All three consoles include a voucher for one free month of Xbox Game Pass, granting the owner access to the entire library of featured games until he or she chooses to either cancel or renew their potential subscription.

Source: Microsoft
Images courtesy of Microsoft, Mojang, Monolith, WB Games

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