‘Nightmare Creatures’ Returns For A Future Prequel Game

For 17 years it laid dormant, but Nightmare Creatures has been resurrected for a third title.

2017 is cementing itself as the year of retro-revivals, evidenced by the returns of Crash Bandicoot, 2D “classic” Sonic, Fear Effect and Bubsy the Bobcat. It seems as though nothing can stop the nostalgia train, as yet another dormant franchise is waking from its slumber to terrorize the modern generation of gamers. Announced this weekend at PAX West, developer Albino Moose Games teased the return of the classic Horror franchise, Nightmare Creatures.

Though little is known about the third Nightmare Creatures game, Albino Moose has since confirmed that their installment will be a prequel to the original Nintendo 64 and PlayStation games, presumably exploring more of the Brotherhood of Hecate: The antagonistic cult pledged to conquer the world through sorcery and supernatural experimentation; out of their failure to grant themselves additional powers, the Brotherhood forged a potion that mutated humans into horrific monsters obedient only to the cult, later referred to as the “nightmare creatures”.

The first Nightmare Creatures released in 1997 under developer Kalisto Entertainment for the original PlayStation and Nintendo 64. Set in 1834, players assume the role of Ignatius Blackward, a priest and occult expert sent to London to investigate numerous disappearances and monster sightings. It’s revealed that the chaos is orchestrated by Adam Crowley, a deranged scientist acting as the current head of the Brotherhood of Hecate, a cult dating back to 1666. Kalisto developed a sequel for the Dreamcast and PlayStation in 2000, now under publisher Konami. Nightmare Creatures II continued the saga in France 100 years later, with Adam Crowley’s vast army of mutants deliberately attacking an organization of hunters known as “The Circle”.

Platforms have not yet been revealed for the Nightmare Creatures reboot from Albino Moose Games.

Source: Albino Moose Games
Image courtesy of Kalisto Entertainment, Konami

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