‘BlazBlue: Central Fiction’ “Mai Natsume” Figure Now Available For Pre-Order


One of BlazBlue‘s latest brawlers, Mai Natsume of Remix Heart fame is getting her own collectible figure due next Spring.

BlazBlue‘s Mai Natsume is the latest of the franchise’s many fighters to receive his or her own collectible, this time from acclaimed manufacturer Freeing. Though units aren’t expected to begin shipping until Spring 2018, Freeing, parent company Good Smile Company and several collectible retailers have already begun taking pre-orders for next year’s collectible. Sculpted at 1/8th scale, Mai Natsume is shown in a dynamic battle pose based on her Drive- “Gallia Sphyra: Outseal” (or “Red Bullet: Exseal” in North American versions of Central Fiction). Each pre-painted figure is sculpted from PVC, and stands at approximately 26.5cm/10.4in from the base to the apex of Mai’s hair-ribbon.

Though BlazBlue: Central Fiction marks Mai Natsume’s first playable appearance via DLC, his franchise debut dates back to the accompanying manga BlazBlue: Remix Heart and its successor BlazBlue: Variable Heart: Formerly Mai Hazuki, Mai was transformed into a beautiful woman upon recieving the “Pure Grimoire”, as its vessel must be female; apart from wielding the Red Bullet: Exseal, Mai Natsume also possesses the power of “Supertaste”, allowing her to read the thoughts and emotions of anything she kisses, licks or eats.

The 1/8th scale pre-painted Mai Natsume figure from Freeing can be pre-ordered through the likes of Play-Asia, AmiAmi, Solaris Japan and GSC for roughly $120.60-$153.15. Collectibles are expected to begin shipping in Spring 2018.

BlazBlue: Central Fiction is available for PC, PS3 and PS4.

Source: Freeing
Images courtesy of Freeing, Arc System Works

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