‘Killer Instinct’ Update Suggests Future Cross-Network Play

The Xbox One and Windows 10 competitors will have even more company when Killer Instinct arrives on Steam later this month.

The Microsoft-exclusive Killer Instinct reboot is still going strong almost four years after its Xbox One debut. Developed under Double Helix and Iron Galaxy, the modernized take on Rare’s influential Fighter sees the classic characters from Killer Instinct and Killer Instinct Gold going head-to-head in full-throttle combat, now with the added pleasure of 3D models, a true-HD presentation, and a fantastic soundtrack from Mick Gordon, Atlas Plug and Celldweller. The complete roster of fighters from the Super Nintendo, arcade and Nintendo 64 era have all made their bombastic entrances into the new Killer Instinct, however current developer Iron Galaxy has since added a multitude of new characters across two additional content seasons; Killer Instinct: Season 3 even saw the debut of franchise cross-overs, including Battletoads‘s “Rash” and “General RAAM” of Gears of War fame.

Following the “Ultimates Monster Pack”, Iron Galaxy recently released the “Version 3.9” update for both the Xbox One and Windows 10 versions of Killer Instinct. The latest patch includes a plethora of balance-tweaks for the majority of the cast, but another curious feature has been added despite being currently inactive; adjacent to the “Allow Crossplay” option for online exhibition matches is an extra “Allow Cross-Network” action, suggesting support for Xbox One/Windows 10/Steam multiplayer. According to Ultra-Combo Community Manager Rukari Austin, Iron Galaxy and Microsoft are still finalizing the Steam version, so the new Allow Cross-Network option may periodically disappear until Killer Instinct is officially live on Valve’s marketplace.

Killer Instinct is currently available for Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs as a Cross-Buy title. An official release date has not been confirmed, but the Steam version of KI is expected to launch within the next few weeks.

Source: Iron Galaxy (via Ultra-Combo)
Image courtesy of Iron Galaxy, Rare, Microsoft

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