Aerial Free-Running Game ‘Cloudbuilt’ Coming To Steam This Year

Cloudbuilt is one part Mega Man, one part Mirror’s Edge, and roughly seven cups of style; courtesy of Greenlight and a new publisher, the Indie free-running action title is coming to Steam later this year.

Cloudbuilt is a new title from the creative minds at Swedish Indie-developer Coilworks; Cloudbuilt seamlessly blends the arcade-shooter aspects of the Mega Man series with the parkour-based freedom of Mirror’s Edge, and wraps them together with a unique sketchbook-art-style and pulsing retro-inspired soundtrack. Gameplay revolves around traversing across floating structures, using your jet-pack to maneuver between- and scale- walls to find a route towards the end of the level; enemies are littered across the stage for players to either destroy with their integrated blaster, or avoid by using quick-wits and the terrain to their advantage. Cloudbuilt will feature over 20 open-ended levels, branching-level paths, four alternate endings, and an “organic learning curve” that adapts to the player as he/she discovers new ways to use the character’s abilities:

Yesterday, multi-platform publisher Rising Star Games announced a new partnership with Coilworks as the official publisher for Cloudbuilt on Steam; the announcement also reveals Cloudbuilt as part of Rising Star’s “2014 release roster”.

Cloudbuilt was originally revealed back in mid-2012, and has since found its way into Steam Greenlight. While Coilworks is still deep within the development-stages of Cloudbuilt, the game was officially “Greenlit” last October. 

Sources: Rising Star Games, Steam
Images courtesy of Coilworks

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