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Free Stuff Sundays: “Demake” Edition

Polygon-count isn’t always everything, and surely doesn’t equate to the amount of fun a game has to offer, as you’ll soon discover in this week’s edition of Free Stuff Sundays.

Super Smash Land:

Nintendo’s E3 2013 edition of Nintendo Direct unveiled Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS, along with Mega Man as a surprise 3rd-party addition to the roster. While fans may have to wait until the end of 2014 to play as the “Blue Bomber” in Nintend0’s 4-player “brawler” on the Wii U and 3DS, PC-owners can get a pseudo-taste of what’s to come, with the Smash Bros “demake” Super Smash Land. Released in 2011 from creators Dan Fornace, Brendan Becker “Inversephase”, and”flashygoodness”, Super Smash Land is a low-polygon, retro “demake” of Super Smash Bros; a demake is a spin-off or re-imagining of a series or title, often done in a way that emulates older consoles- in this case, the original “brick” GameBoy. This free spin-off has a roster of six characters (two of which are unlockable), stages from the original Nintendo 64 Smash Bros. and Melee for the GameCube, and features several modes, including the classic “Arcade” and “Versus” modes, and a new challenge-based “Tower of Heaven” mode.

Super Smash Land can be downloaded through its official website; Mac users can also play Smash Land through a Windows-simulated “shell” such as Wine.

Bit of War:

Continuing today’s demake trend is a side-scrolling rendition of God of War. Bit of War from Holmade Games is an 8-bit demake of Kratos’s original PS2 adventure. While it deviates slightly from the original title, Bit of War is a solid platformer with plenty of Kratos’s weapons and items at the players disposal; from his trademark blades to Medusa’s head, it’s all there. Bit of War can be found through the Holmade Games website.

Images courtesy of Dan Fornace, Holmade Games

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