Slim PS Vita Coming To US, ‘Borderlands 2’ Bundle Confirmed

Last year, Sony released a new, “slim” model PS Vita in Japan; last week, the LCD-equipped handheld made its way into the UK. Today, it was confirmed that the new Vita will indeed be coming to the US, along with 2012’s popular co-op shooter Borderlands 2.

Last October, Sony released a new, sleeker model PS Vita, much in line with the PSP’s 2000 and 3000 models, and the PS2 and PS3 Slim. The “PCH-2000″ model released in six different colors, replaces the OLED screen with a 5” LCD, and has an extended battery-life of up to six hours. At the time, the new Vita was a Japan-exclusive product; earlier this year, Sony teased that another “slim” product was coming, which led to the UK release of the new Vita. While the UK version of the PCH-2000 model features the same specifications as its Japanese counterpart, the only color option is black.

During a press event by SCE, Marketing VP John Koller announced that the slimmer Vita will be coming to the US later this Spring. PCH-2000 will release as a bundle, including Borderlands 2, along with six of the current DLC items. Borderlands 2 will also feature cross-play support, allowing for owners of the PS3 version to transfer their save-data into the PS Vita version and continue their progress.

Currently, the new Vita bundled with Borderlands 2 will be available for $199 when it launches this Spring; no announcement has been made towards whether or not the slim Vita will be sold as an individual product.

Source: Polygon
Image courtesy of Gearbox Software

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