New Trailer Released For ‘Heavenly Sword’ Film

It’s a bit cheesy, but a new trailer showing the action of the upcoming Heavenly Sword film has been released.

Heavenly Sword, along with other Sony titles Ratchet and Clank and Sly Cooper, is part of a vast list of video games receiving feature-length movie adaptations over the next couple of years. The animated film from current Ratchet and Clank film developers Blockade Entertainment, will release digitally this Spring, along with a worldwide limited-theater release. While the new “Why Nariko is Badass” trailer has not-so-subtle traces of 90’s action-movie-trailer cheesiness- from the deep intense voice-over, to some ridiculous one-liners- the 57s trailer features a plentiful taste of the action to come:

“Heavenly Sword” features the voice talents of Anna Torv, Alfred Molina and Thomas Jane.

Source: IGN
Image courtesy of Blockade Entertainment, Ninja Theory

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