‘Minecraft’ Gets Film Adaptation Courtesy Of Warner Bros.

Minecraft, the sandbox phenomenon that has invaded almost every gaming console and form of media, is about to make its way into one more screen- the silver screen.

Very few games achieve the same popularity as Minecraft; the once PC-exclusive sandbox-creator/survival-simulator/horror hybrid has since been ported to Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi (Pi Edition), Android and iOS (Pocket Edition), Xbox 360, PS3, and soon to be Xbox One and PS4. Whether it’s Lego sets, clothing, jewelry, home-office accessories, or YouTube sketches, there’s a high chance that something Minecraft-related exists.

With the recent surge of video games getting their own film adaptations- Need for Speed, Sly Cooper, Heavenly Sword, World of Warcraft and Bayonetta to name a few- it was only a matter of time before a movie based on the ever expanding block-universe would arise. According to entertainment insider website Deadline, and confirmed by a Tweet from Markus “Notch” Persson, Minecraft will indeed come to the big screen, as Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to produce a feature-length film. Details are scarce at this time, but the film will be a live-action take on the game, and will be led by The Lego Movie Producer Roy Lee and Vertigo Entertainment. As Minecraft doesn’t particularly have a story- other than the player’s survival- the possibilities are endless, and could include anything from an original plot, to expanding on the urban legend of Herobrine.

Minecraft has more than 100 million users on just the PC version, and grossed over $250 million in 2012 with the releases of Pocket Edition for iOS/Android and the Xbox 360 version.

Sources: Deadline, Twitter, GamesBrief
Image courtesy of Mojang

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