‘Saints Row IV: National Treasure Edition’ Confirmed


Relive the complete tale of patriotism, digital confinement and insanity, with Saints Row IV: National Treasure Edition.

Following the THQ liquidation, the Saints Row property and development studio Volition were both acquired by Deep Silver. Under the new publisher, Volition released Saints Row IV in Aug. 2013. A bizarre, yet seemingly “normal” departure for the series, Saints Row IV places the leader of the 3rd Street Saints in the shoes of the President of the United States, only to be thwarted by an alien invasion. Since the release of the recent adventure through digital-Steelport, over 20 DLC packages have been released across all versions of the game.

While the Season Pass includes several extra items, it does not give players access to all of the released DLC additions. Next month, Saints Row IV and the entirety of its extra content, will release in one package- the “National Treasure Edition”. Saints Row IV: National Treasure Edition will release for PC, 360 and PS3, and includes all 29 extra content packs. While an official release date has not been announced, GameInformer reveals that the package will ship to retailers on July 8, and will release sometime in mid-July.

The Saints Row IV: National Treasure Edition will run at $29.99 for both physical and digital versions.

Source: GameInformer
Image courtesy of Volition, Deep Silver

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