‘Bayonetta 2’ Character Redesigns Explained

In a recent update on the Platinum Games website, designer Mari Shimizaki sheds some light on the new character designs for both Bayonetta and Jeanne.

One of the first things that many fans noticed about the title character of Bayonetta 2, was that the Umbran Witch had received a serious haircut. Rather than the red undertones found in the original game, the accents in Bayonetta’s clothing and weaponry have changed to blue. Jeanne has been given a more laid-back look, sporting long hair and a biker-inspired suit- a change from her previous leather overcoat.

A new post from freelance designer Mari Shimizaki reveals more information regarding the style changes of both characters. The decision to give Bayonetta a different hair style was a joint conclusion made by Shimizaki, Hideki Kamiya and Yusuke Hashimoto. Reflecting her wild personality, the three decided that “Bayonetta’s not the kind of girl who’d show up with the same hairstyle for her sequel”. Her redesign was created with the theme “Solid”: Bayonetta’s original design focused on her curves and femininity, with an obvious emphasis on her legs. The new design is very geometric, using several straight edges, with the exception being her glasses, which Shimizaki “gave a slightly softer design”. While her outfit itself is still black, Director Yusuke Hashimoto requested that Bayonetta’s accents be changed to blue, in order to reflect the sequel’s theme of “water”, as it’s a “big theme of the second game”. The original outfit had a large open-back and a “cleavage window” which held her amulet; Bayonetta’s new cape closes over her chest, however the new outfit retains the open-back element, and adds a diamond-pattern opening down the back of each leg:

bayonetta01 2_2bayo_02

Bayonetta’s guns have been given a coat of blue, accented by antique charms and gold pieces, to better compliment her new outfit and color scheme. As a whole, Bayonetta has been given a drastic change from her previous version, but Shimizaki believes that the new Bayonetta “gives off a different impression than before, but still owns the name Bayonetta”.

Jeanne was redesigned with a “casual” theme, which started with Kamiya requesting that she be drawn with a biker suit. After several prototypes, Kamiya approved of a relatively simplistic model that was similar to the “final approved outfit”. To counteract Bayonetta’s new short hair, Jeanne was given long hair, also in contrast from her previous appearance. Her signature All 4 One gun collection returns, however the charms have been altered for the new game; where the charms originally complimented each gun’s personal name, the new set of charms are influenced by The Three Musketeers Anime. Each gun features a plush charm colored after each Musketeer. The added charm redesign adds “the perfect pinch of sugar to Jeanne’s design”.

Jeanne_gun 5_2jeanne_01

A Wii U exclusive, Bayonetta 2 will release in October 2014, along with the next-gen debut of the original Bayonetta through the Nintendo eShop.

Source: Platinum Games
Images courtesy of Platinum Games, Nintendo

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  1. Reblogged this on CJ Garrett Writes and commented:
    Okay I am seriously, seriously annoyed about this redesign. I kinda feel that the creators don’t know the character of Bayonetta at all, if you can believe that.

    Specifically – this stupid fucking design makes her look childish.

    Bayonetta is not childish. Bayonetta is one of the very few true female power fantasies – part classic femme fatale, part Casanova, who’d flirt with you right before she fucks your shit up. She dresses and acts like a dominatrix on a power trip, for gods sake.

    It’s because most female characters in games are stupid, you know? Like they wander around in fucking sci-fi bikinis because that’s what game designers think guys like me want to see. (Not gonna say I don’t like tits ‘n’ ass, but unless they’re gonna just quit the bullshit and make them naked, I’m going elsewhere for my porn.) Its stupid because it never, ever makes any goddamn sense for those characters to be dressed like that, and they never act like they wanted to dress like that, and frankly it offends my writerly sensibilities that companies with a fuckton of money to throw at a computer game like to make every female character dress in varying degrees of ‘prostitute on a budget’ no matter what their actual job is. It’s intentionally screwed up characterization.

    But Bayonetta, man. She even says she ‘loves the little outfits’. You just know that that’s her style. Her whole modus operandi is weaponized sexuality.

    So what they’re basically doing here is taking away some of her power by making her less sexual.

    Now, I know the whole ‘female characters in games’ thing is a pretty hot topic right now, and I totally get that they would want to tone her down, but that doesn’t make it any less asinine. Why would they do this to the one character for whom dressing in skimpy clothing makes sense?! There are hundreds of characters out there who are stripperified for no good reason but Bayonetta is not one of them!

    In short: fuck their reasoning, they are ruining the one female game character I really liked.

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