‘Goat Simulator’ Gets Physical PC Release


The cult PC Indie sensation, Goat Simulator will get a physical release sometime this July, courtesy of Deep Silver.

Goat Simulator…is exactly that. Players take control of a goat, and wreak havoc in a small town. As a subtle, comical poke at lesser simulators, the game features buggy physics and object simulation that is intentionally “broken”. As absurd as Goat Simulator is, it’s one of the best-selling Indie titles of this year, and one of the highest selling games available on Steam.

Publisher Deep Silver recently announced that they will be responsible for releasing a physical version of Coffee Stain’s comical title in North America. The physical disc-based version of Goat Simulator will be available for $9.99 through various retailers. While there’s no specific release date, Deep Silver is planning for a mid-July release window.

The physical release will also include the latest patch, which adds various free extras, including new playable goats, multiplayer, split-screen multiplayer and several new game modes. Goat Simulator is currently on sale as part of the ongoing 2014 Steam Summer Sale.

Source: GameInformer
Image courtesy of Coffee Stain

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