New ‘Azure Striker Gunvolt’ Gameplay Details Emerge

A new Japanese gameplay video has surfaced for Azure Striker Gunvolt, the next project from Inti Creates and Keiji Inafune.

Azure Striker Gunvolt was announced earlier this year as one of three projects involving legendary illustrator and developer Keiji Inafune- the others being Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z and the crowdfunded Mighty No. 9. A 3DS exclusive, Azure Striker Gunvolt is rooted in classic 2D side-scrolling action, reminiscent of Inti Creates-developed series Mega Man Zero. The title was the subject of very brief controversy, due to Gunvolt’s character design, and how western audiences may perceive him; Gunvolt’s original design included twin braids and an exposed midriff, which is often seen as an effeminate fashion style.

The gameplay video below recently appeared within the online gaming community NeoGaf. While the in-game text and spoken dialogue are both presented in Japanese, the gameplay footage showcases two of Gunvolt’s main offensive abilities; not only is the title character equipped with a blaster, but Gunvolt is capable of releasing a charged, electrical psionic blast, used to dish out screen-clearing damage, power objects and open gates:

Japanese-centric website Siliconera recently unveiled screenshots and skill-based gameplay mechanics. Azure Striker Gunvolt features a leveling system which allows players to upgrade Gunvolt’s stats as they progress through the game. Once certain levels have been reached, new Attack/Support skills become available to use. The standard attacks are mapped to the 3DS face-buttons, while learned skills can be activated via the touch-screen. Some of Gunvolt’s learned techniques include a screen-clearing electrical attack, the massive “Electrocalibur” energy sword, chains that can be summoned from off-screen, and self-healing.

Gunvolt also posses a dodge ability called “Afterimage”. After the player takes damage, Afterimage can be used to temporarily dodge attacks. However, the ability will not stack with his “Lightning Ring” attack. Each of these separate abilities are classified as Psychic Abilities, and share the same energy meter. Fortunately, players can quickly recharge their psychic energy by tapping down on the D-pad twice, or by using his “Recharge” ability.

While no specific release dates have been announced, Azure Striker Gunvolt will release in Japan this August, followed by a North American release towards the end of the Summer 2014 window. It has not been finalized, but Inti Creates is currently working towards a potential European release.

Source: Siliconera
Image courtesy of Inti Creates

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