‘Azure Striker Gunvolt’ Coming To NA Soon

Mega Man Zero developer Inti Creates is currently working on Azure Striker Gunvolt, a brand new action title for the Nintendo 3DS. If all goes well with the remaining development process, the studio hopes to release Gunvolt in North America very soon.

A new report from Siliconera shows that Azure Striker Gunvolt is set to release in Japan on Aug. 20. Inti Creates originally planned for a simultaneous release between Japan and North America; while the North American version might not release on the same day, the developer is working hard to have a localized version ready for release within the following weeks. The American version will feature English text and partial voice-acting; Inti Creates is currently discussing the possibility of multi-lingual text for the European version.

Azure Striker Gunvolt will only have voice-acting during gameplay, and not for conversational moments. According to CEO Takuya Aizu, the decision was made in order to reduce the clashing between spoken English dialogue, and the faces modeled to accommodate for Japanese language:

“In the Japanese version of Gunvolt, most conversations are modeled on Japanese subculture, so we had to modify the content of these conversations while localizing the game into English…If you were to combine the Japanese voices with English sentences, it would cause a great gap between them. Therefore, we will not be using these voices in the English version.”

Even with the international voicing decisions, and a strict deadline from Nintendo of America, all eight of Lumen’s songs will be included within the North American version of Azure Striker Gunvolt, along with the later European release.

While Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune and Comcept are overseeing the project, Azure Striker Gunvolt will be the first entirely self-funded and self-published title from Inti Creates. Because of this, the studio has run into a few hurdles for the publishing process; it was recently revealed through Twitter that Inti Creates finally secured a Taxpayer ID Number for the US; Gunvolt can’t be published in the US without one.

Azure Striker Gunvolt will release on the Nintendo 3DS via the eShop sometime in Q3 2014.

Source: Siliconera
Image courtesy of Inti Creates


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