‘Mighty Gunvolt’ Announced, Free For ‘Azure Striker Gunvolt’ Owners


What was originally a leak from less than 24 hours ago, cross-over action title Mighty Gunvolt has been officially confirmed by Inti Creates, and will release for the Nintendo 3DS this year.

Towards the end of July, Inti Creates and Keiji Inafune surprised gamers with the announcement that Azure Striker Gunvolt would be releasing “very soon” on the 3DS eShop- “very soon” became August 29. According to yesterday’s Famistsu leak, Inti Creates is working on yet another game for the handheld, which features not just Gunvolt, but Mighty No. 9‘s Beck, and Ekoro from Gal Gun.

Akin to Street Fighter X Mega Man, Mighty Gunvolt is a 2D action game featuring an “80’s graphic design”. The 8-bit inspired title features Beck, Gunvolt and Ekoro as playable characters, each with their individual moves and abilities from their respective games. A new Japanese gameplay trailer was revealed earlier today, showcasing some of the stages and sequences in store for players:

While the trailer is in Japanese, it appears that Mighty Gunvolt will be available as a free additional title for those who purchase Azure Striker Gunvolt between 8/20-11/19. (These dates may only reflect the Japanese release, as the North American version releases on 8/29.)

Source: Mighty Gunvolt
Image courtesy of Inti Creates

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