‘Dragon’s Crown’ Sells Over 900,000 Units Worldwide


The 2013 side-scrolling dungeon crawler from Vanillaware and Atlus, Dragon’s Crown reached an industry milestone earlier this week, as the Sony-exclusive has sold over 900,000 units.

Dragon’s Crown was released for the PS3 last year. The fantasy epic was praised for its progressive gameplay and mesmerizing visuals, however it was made a target for unnecessary hatred from disgruntled feminists and journalists, due to the Sorceress’s design. The visual masterpiece from Vanillaware and Atlus became one of the first titles to incorporate Sony’s Cross Play system, allowing for owners of the PS3 and eventual PS Vita versions to play together online. An update was released last December, adding a new “Ultimate Difficulty” to an already challenging game, the new “Sky Tower” area, and a new level cap that peaks at a whopping Level 255.

Yesterday morning, Vanillaware announced through Twitter that worldwide sales for Dragon’s Crown have reached more than 940,000 units worldwide. The actual sales figure may be higher, as these numbers often reflect the sales of physical units, and not downloadable copies sold through the digital marketplace.

Dragon’s Crown is currently on sale through the PlayStation Store; both the PS3 and PS Vita versions have been temporarily discounted to $19.99.

Sources: Twitter, PlayStation Blog
Image courtesy of Vanillaware, Atlus

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