‘P90X For Xbox Fitness’ Available Today, Contains 30 Day Workout Routine

p90x for Xbox Fitness

Tony Horton’s extreme fitness program made its console debut today, with “P90X for Xbox Fitness”, available exclusively on Xbox One.

P90X is one of the most popular fitness programs ever created, as millions of fitness-hopefuls and conditioned athletes have pushed through the rigorous 90-day program. Created by Tony Horton and hosted by Beach Body, P90X is the successor to the original P90 routine, and features a wide plethora of workouts, along with extra dietary options and individual workout schedules for those who wish to become lean, those looking to bulk-up, and those who want to focus on conditioning.

Earlier today, Microsoft announced that Tony Horton’s weight loss program would be available today as part of the Xbox One Xbox Fitness service. The Xbox Fitness version contains a restructured 30-day program, complete with five brand new individual workouts. While the Kinect is now an optional feature, Xbox Fitness uses the peripheral to track the user’s form and heart-rate, and offers real-time feedback after each session.

P90X for Xbox Fitness is currently available for a one-time fee of $59.99. The Xbox Fitness service itself is free for all Xbox Live Gold members; those without Gold must pay an additional subscription fee to use the service. According to Microsoft, a downloadable calendar and nutrition plan will be available sometime in mid-August.

The complete traditional P90X program can be purchased through Beach Body….for $120.

Source: Microsoft
Image courtesy of Beach Body, Microsoft

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