‘Darkstalkers’ “Morrigan” Gets New Statue This September


Everyone’s favorite Darkstalkers succubus will be immortalized as as statue this year, planned to release this September. Fans have been holding out for a new Darkstalkers game for years. While the fighting game franchise may have been banished to the depths, its bizarre cast of iconic characters live on through Capcom’s other franchises. While younger gamers may recognize Felica, Demitri and Jedah as characters from Project X Zone and the Capcom VS series, these unique fighters all spawned from the Darkstalkers saga. Possibly one of the most famous characters from the Darkstalkers universe, is that of the buxom succubus Morrigan.

Of the complete Darkstalkers roster, Morrigan as probably appeared in more cross-over titles than any other character from the franchise. The lady-with-the-green-hair makes cameos in the complete Marvel VS Capcom trilogy, Tatsunoku VS Capcom, the SNK VS Capcom/Capcom VS SNK series, Namco X Capcom, and Project X Zone to name a few. While a new Darkstalkers game isn’t coming, Morrigan will make another cameo later this year, as a collectible statue.


Morrigan is currently available to pre-order through the Japanese E-Capcom online store. The collectible piece is hand-painted and sculpted from a single piece of PVC. From toe to right-elbow, the statue stands 240mm/9.4in, and has a wingspan of 270mm/10.6in. According to the E-Capcom page, the Morrigan statue is scheduled to deliver on 9/18, however 4Gamer states that units will begin shipping on 9/25. While voting has since been closed, fans had the opportunity to vote on one of four alternate color schemes to be used as a limited edition version.

Interested fans can pre-order statues for 9,936 yen after tax, or approximately $97.99.

Sources: Siliconera, E-Capcom
Images courtesy of Capcom

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