Four Custom-Themed 3DS XL Consoles Coming To North America


From the Red Wii and the Zelda Wii U, to the Mickey Edition 3DS XL and the NES-themed Game Boy Advance SP, Nintendo loves releasing customized versions of their consoles. With several high-profile game releases on the horizon, the Nintendo 3DS XL is about to get a few themed releases of its own.

Nintendo of America recently announced that four new themed 3DS XL handhelds will release over the next few months. What may be the most-anticipated Nintendo game of this year, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS will release this weekend in Japan, and on Oct. 3rd for the rest of the world. To celebrate, two 3DS XL’s will be released in red and blue, featuring character-artwork and the logo on the outside shell. Both the red and blue versions will release next week- Sept. 19th.

GameStop will offer its own exclusive version of the 3DS XL this October. Starting on Oct. 10th, gamers can purchase a 3DS XL modeled after the original NES controller (shown above); the shell is painted to resemble the iconic two-button controller, with the interior being gray with red buttons. The package features accents and artwork that pays homage to the original NES console.

Along with Persona Q: Shadow of the Labrynth, a Persona Q-themed handheld will arrive the same day, courtesy of GameStop. While it will not come packaged with the game, the PQ 3DS XL is modeled after the Persona compendium- “Le Grimoire du Coeur”- and features the chibi cast on the back. Both Persona Q and its custom 3DS XL will be available on Nov. 25th.


While the NES and Persona Q versions are both GameStop-exclusive products, all three systems will sell for $199.99 each.

Images courtesy of GameStop, Nintendo

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