First 4 Figures ‘Mega Man X’ Statue Available For Pre-Order

The second-generation “Blue Bomber”, “X” of the Mega Man X series now has a deluxe collector’s statue courtesy of First 4 Figures.

One of Dr. Light’s final creations, X is the titular Reploid from Capcom’s iconic Mega Man X series. Spanning across several decades, almost every console and handheld, and even PC, the Mega Man saga features an ongoing war between robots- and in some cases, computer programs- to decide the fate of humanity. The successor to the original Mega Man, X fights against Sigma and other Reploids (androids with human thought and an understanding of “free will”) who have gone Maverick- deeming human existence to be unnecessary.  The Mega Man X series spans across several consoles over an entire decade, including the SNES, Genesis, PlayStation and PS2; spin-offs even reached the likes of the Game Boy Color, GameCube, and the PSP.

Earlier today, First 4 Figures announced that pre-orders have officially opened for their newest statue- X. Standing at 17″ tall, the 1/5 scale statue of X is hand-painted and sculpted from polystone resin. LED lighting is used for the crystal and earpieces embedded in X’s helmet, the X-Buster accent, and for the flames beneath each of X’s feet. Each statue base is hand-numbered, and modeled after a platform from the Storm Eagle stage found in Mega Man X for the Super Nintendo.

The Mega Man X “X” statue from First 4 Figures can be pre-ordered for $259.99, and will require an initial payment of $20.00 upon purchase; only 1,000 units will be available worldwide. The Mega Man X “X” statue is projected to release in Q3 2015.

Source: First 4 Figures
Images courtesy of First 4 Figures, Capcom

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