‘Resogun’ Coming To PS3 And Vita Next Week

The PS4-exclusive Shoot-em-up from developer Housemarque is coming to the PS3 and PS Vita next Tuesday.

Resogun debuted as a digital launch-title for the PS4 in November 2013. Housemarque’s console-exclusive Shoot-em-up (“Shmup”) broke from the traditional formula by featuring closed-loop stages that the player could rotate at will. While it may not be classified as one, Resogun‘s difficulty challenges that of Japanese “bullet hell” Shmups, such as Ikaruga and the eXceed trilogy.

It was revealed during the PlayStation Experience event that Resogun would leave its console-exclusive status behind, and release this holiday season for both the PS3 and PS Vita. In order to port the title onto older systems, technical and visual compromises needed to be made; the new version is now locked at 30fps (frames-per-second), instead of the original 60fps.

Resogun will release for PS3 and PS Vita on 12/23; the title is now available for European audiences. Resogun is also a Cross Play title; those who already own the PS4 version will be able to download the new versions for free.

Sony and Housemarque have not stated whether or not the “Defenders” DLC will be made available for the PS3 and Vita releases.

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