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Internet Archive Adds Over 2,000 MS-DOS Games

One of the internet’s oldest resources just added a massive catalog of old-school PC titles, all of which are free-to-play within the web-browser.

The Internet Archive ( is home to one of the largest catalogs of academic information, data, resources, shareware, videos and other informational resources, along with the Wayback Machine; the Wayback Machine allows users to view early snapshots of websites, even those that have either expired or been deleted.

Along with the massive list of accessible information, Internet Archive now hosts more than 2,000 PC games from the MS-DOS era. All of the games are free, and run in compatible internet browsers courtesy of a web-based EM-DOSBOX emulator. Highlights include the Commander Keen saga, the PC ports of The Lion King and Mega Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and Golden Axe.

Internet Archive also hosts several other arcade games (via emulation) PC games, including the likes of the original Quake, Wolfenstein 3D and Deus Ex.

Source: Internet Archive
Image courtesy of Apogee Software

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