‘White Night’ Coming To Next-Gen And PC This March

Osome Studio’s noir horror story White Night┬áis scheduled to arrive on the next-gen platforms and PC during the first week of March.

The debut game from the creative talents at Osome Studio, White Night borrows elements from film noir and “German expressionism”, and blends them with stylistic visuals and psychological horror. The player is thrust into a world with a “harsh” black-and-white color scheme, much like that of MadWorld. Light itself is a primary gameplay element of White Night, as players will need to solve light-based puzzles within the dilapidated manor. The protagonist’s safety depends on light, as shadows are home to the horrors of the manor, and the manifestations of his own struggles and internal torment.

Osome needed to create their own engine, “OEngine”, in order to create the contrasting visuals of White Night. Motion-capture sessions were organized with the help of Quantic Dream, the studio behind the Sony-exclusive visual masterpieces Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. A new trailer features more hints at the story, gameplay sequences, and several teases at what truly haunts the protagonist and the manor itself:

White Night will release as a digital title across the PS4. Xbox One and PC on 3/3 (US).

Image courtesy of Osome Studio, Activision
Source: Osome Studio

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