Altus Reveals ‘Persona 5’ Gameplay Trailer

Persona fans may have had to endure a 30+ hour online event, but after a torrent of Persona-related news, Atlus finally revealed a new trailer for Persona 5.

This is a very Persona-heavy week for Atlus; yesterday marked the release of the “Greatest Hits” version of P4G, Persona 4 Golden: PS Vita the Best, along with the Persona Super Live 2015: Night of the Phantom concert at the legendary Nippon Budokan Arena. Preceding the event was a livestream from Atlus, hosted on the Persona Channel website, or through Japanese livestream service NicoNico. The Persona-themed broadcast lasted over 30 hours; apart from several announcements, “News Flash! Persona Channel 2015” was aimed at explaining the appeal of the Persona universe to those who may not be familiar with the series.

Near the end of the Persona Channel 2015 broadcast, Atlus finally revealed a new trailer for the highly-anticipated Persona 5. While the trailer is presented exclusively in Japanese, viewers can finally see the upcoming JRPG in action; the trailer features platforming across ballroom chandeliers, a glimpse of the turn-based mechanics and stylish gameplay menus, and a stealth segment. Persona 5 also appears to use the same graphical engine as Catherine, which is most apparent during the train and classroom sequences. It has not been confirmed at this time, but Persona 5 also hints that characters can summon their Personas in the real world- an element last seen in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax:

Persona 5 is scheduled to release later this year for both the PS3 and PS4. Those who pre-order the Japanese edition of Persona 4: Dancing All Night will also receive a special edition Persona 5 Blu-ray, which contains more exclusive P5 footage.

Source: Atlus
Image courtesy of Atlus

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