‘Persona’, ‘Zelda’, ‘Silent Hill’ Collectibles Coming From Good Smile Properties Later This Year

A plethora of new statues and collectible figurines are coming from Good Smile Company and their subsidiaries later this year, including the likes of Persona 4‘s protagonist, Zelda‘s “Hero of Time”, and some of Silent Hill‘s most iconic enemies.

Wonder Festival 2015 was held this past weekend, where several collectible manufacturers tease their product lineup for the rest of the year. While many of the figures and statues presented and previewed related to anime and manga series, Good Smile Company and their subsidiaries Max Factory and Phat! Company were on hand to reveal several video game collectibles scheduled to release this year. One of the highlights of Wonder Festival 2015 was that of Max Factory’s statue for Ramlethal Valentine, a prevalent antagonist of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-. More pictures from the official event website and GSC’s Facebook page reveal extra statues planned for this year. The following is a list and gallery of video game-related collectibles scheduled to release this year, across GSC, Max Factory, and GSC’s Figma and Nendroid series:

Silent Hill:

  • Max Factory Figma Silent Hill Nurses


  • GSC Nendroid Series Kirby


  • Phat! Company Rise Kujikawa Statue (P4: Dancing All Night)
  • Max Factory Yu Narukami Figurine (P4AU/Ultra Suplex Hold)

Fire Emblem:

  • GSC Nendroid Series Marth
  • GSC Nendroid Series Sheeda/Shiida
  • Max Factory Cordelia Statue

The Legend of Zelda:

  • GSC Nendroid Series Link
  • Max Factory Link Statue

Dragon’s Crown:

  • Max Factory Sorceress Statue

Yakuza 5:

  • Max Factory Figma Kazuma Kiryu Figurine

More collectibles from Wonder Festival 2015 can be found through the official gallery, and on Good Smile’s English Facebook page.

Sources: Good Smile Company, Wonder Festival 2015
Images courtesy of Good Smile Company, Phat! Company, Max Factory, Wonder Festival 2015

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