‘Uncanny Valley’ Coming To PC Next Month

The consequence-driven survival-horror title from Cowardly Creations, Uncanny Valley is coming to PC sometime this April.

Uncanny Valley is a brand new IP from Cowardly Creations, scheduled to release this April for PC via Steam. While much of the story has been kept behind the curtain since its announcement, players will control Tom, an overnight security guard at a remote facility. Subject to extremely long nights on the clock, Tom finds himself wandering the facility at night, eventually stumbling upon supernatural and psychological horrors that should never have been awakened.

Unlike several other survival horror titles, the plot of Uncanny Valley is continuous, regardless of whether or not the player succeeds or fails the task at hand. The “Consequence System” is always in play, as the player’s actions are constantly affecting the final outcome of the game. According to Designer and Project Lead Tadej Kupcic, the team challenges the “player to influence the story with decisions that won’t continue the story as [they] planned, so you can escape the facility if you want, or kill supporting characters.”

While a specific release date has not been announced, Uncanny Valley can be pre-ordered through Cowardly Creations’s official website; the Steam page is live, however a pre-purchase option is currently unavailable.

Sources: Cowardly Creations, Steam
Image courtesy of Cowardly Creations

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