‘Shovel Knight’ Now Available On PSN, Xbox One Release And Update Coming Soon

Yacht Club’s award-winning Shovel Knight is now available on Sony platforms, with the Xbox One version arriving next week.

Shovel Knight is the amazingly popular crowdfunded product of developer Yacht Club Games. The first title from the team of both current and former WayForward members, Shovel Knight is a 2D homage to classic side-scrolling action-adventure games, with the most obvious nods being to the early Castlevania titles, Duck Tales and Mega Man.

Earlier this month, Yacht Club Games and Sony announced that Shovel Knight would release on PSN, complete with Kratos as a platform-exclusive additional boss; this year marks the tenth anniversary of the God of War franchise. Yesterday morning, Shovel Knight officially went live on PSN, and is now available for the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. Those with multiple Sony consoles have the option of transferring their data between systems, as Shovel Knight is both a Cross-Buy and Cross-Save title.

Along with the Sony release, Shovel Knight has been confirmed to release for the Xbox One via XBLA on April 29- next Wednesday. The recent post from Yacht Club’s official page assures fans that the Plague Knight “Plague of Shadows” update is coming along nicely; the free update will allow all Shovel Knight owners to play as the titular boss character. A brand new Challenge Mode will be included in the Plague of Shadows update, featuring time-trials, a boss-rush, custom rules, and other puzzles.

Again, Shovel Knight is now available through PSN, with the Xbox One release arriving on 4/29. The Plague of Shadows content update will be administered as a free download for all Shovel Knight owners.

Sources: Yacht Club Games, Sony
Image courtesy of Yacht Club Games

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