‘Mortal Kombat X’ PC Updates Remove Streaming Install, Improve AMD Compatibility

The PC release of Mortal Kombat X is plagued with technical problems since its recent launch, but fortunately there’s an end in sight, as the latest updates address hardware capabilities, the streaming install method, and visual stability.

Mortal Kombat fans have had their hands on the much-anticipated Mortal Kombat X for not too long now, as the next-gen and PC versions are currently available for purchase. However many PC gamers were reporting various problems- and “unfiltered complaints”- with the PC version and the handling of its Steam launch. Mortal Kombat X was broken up into a total of 30 separate installations; much like Blizzard’s installation methods, this allowed MKX owners to access parts of the game, even if the full installation had not been completed. Unfortunately, the “streaming install” method was not automated through Steam; after completing the initial 3GB download, players had to navigate to the “available DLC” menu- not the official DLC store page– and manually download the remaining 29 installation packs.

Those who have either not purchased or have not downloaded Mortal Kombat X no longer have to deal with the original download-system, as the game has been updated to install as one package. The actual DLC can still be found in the official MKX DLC store page.

Mortal Kombat X players with AMD graphics cards installed in their PCs and laptops would often encounter a staggering visual bug in one of the game’s stages; the beautiful and somber Dead Woods stage would often transform into a visual mess, with particles and background textures “dragging” and leaving trails across the screen.

(Note: The header image is from my personal desktop, running two XFX AMD 7870’s in CrossFire.)

As of yesterday’s update, this problem should be resolved for the majority of AMD GPU owners. Other problems have been addressed with the most recent update, including the “Display” settings incorrectly saving, and Koin award-consistency from winning “Tower” matches. The complete list of changes, along with developer-recommended optimization tips are listed as follows, courtesy of Steam:

  • Fixed graphics corruption on Dead Woods level for AMD video cards
  • Fixed inconsistent Koin awards when completing towers
  • Fixed Display setting not saving correctly
  • Fixed Controller Preset menu to prevent a reset to Custom1 control scheme
  • Fixed issues with the display of Steam names in leaderboard entries and in chat rooms

Additionally, the following settings are recommended to assist in optimizing your experience: 

  • Set your monitor refresh rate to 60 or 59.95 hz.
  • The game is framelocked at 60hz for an optimal experience.
  • Enable Adaptive V-Sync, if your driver supports it.
  • Even at 59.95, you can have a ‘chasing v-sync’ cascade effect.
  • Adaptive V-Sync mitigates it heavily.
  • Run the game in fullscreen mode.

Mortal Kombat X is currently available for PC, Xbox One and PS4; the 360 and PS3 versions have been delayed to an unspecified later date.

Source: Steam


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