‘Mortal Kombat X’ “Tanya” DLC Trailer Released

The Edenian warrior returns to Mortal Kombat X this week for Kombat Pack owners.

Regardless of platform, Mortal Kombat X players have the option of purchasing the additional “Kombat Pack” DLC bundle. While users can buy each DLC item individually upon release, the Kombat Pack acts as a “Season Pass”, letting MKX fans pre-purchase all of the DLC at a discounted price; Kombat Pack owners also gain early access to released content.

Slasher-movie icon Jason Voorhees was the first DLC “kombatant” for Mortal Kombat X, along with an accompanying horror-themed character-skin pack. The next DLC character goes back to Mortal Kombat‘s roots, with the classic character Tanya. Making her debut in Mortal Kombat 4, Tanya is a powerful Edenian warrior who served under Shinok, Shao Khan, Onaga, the Brotherhood of Shadow, and the Deadly Alliance. While she was previously unavailable in MK9, Tanya can be seen chained-up in the background of the Colosseum stage.

Earlier today, a new gameplay trailer was released for the Tanya MKX DLC. Those who currently own the Kombat Pack will have access to the character tomorrow, June 2; she will release as a stand-alone DLC item on June 9:

A new character-skin pack will release alongside Tanya, featuring designs based on the models from the original Mortal Kombat titles. Tremor and Predator remain as the final two announced DLC characters.

Mortal Kombat X is currently available for PC (via Steam), Xbox One and PS4; the 360 and PS3 versions have been delayed to an unspecified date.

Source: Netherrealm Studios/Mortal Kombat Community
Image courtesy of Netherrealm Studio, WB Games

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