‘Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-‘ Update Brings Arcade Changes To Console

The latest update to Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- finally brings the console versions up to speed with the Japanese arcade release.

While Guilty Gear Xrd has been available for some time in both Japanese arcades and Sony consoles globally, several gameplay tweaks and updates have been given to the arcade cabinet version; the most recent patch was administered in March. Previously, the only updates to the Sony versions provided changes to the online modes, including better matchmaking, R-Code customization, and online stability. Early updates also marked the release of Xrd‘s two DLC characters, Elphelt Valentine and Leo Whitefang; while he can be purchased through PSN, Sin Kiske can alternatively be unlocked in-game after doing some considerable “grinding” in each gameplay mode.

As of last weekend, the console versions should now be on par with their arcade counterpart. A plethora of mechanics have been altered for the sake of balancing the bombastic fighting game, including the properties of specific Roman Cancel situations, extended button-input times, and a handful of easier input commands for Overdrive Attacks and Special Moves. Overarching changes are listed below, courtesy of Shoryuken:

  • Attack inputs, Dashing and special moves now have an extended button-press window with better reception
  • Specific Overdrive and Special Attacks have been simplified
  • When both characters are within close range, and one repels a projectile with the Blitz Shield, the opposing character is pushed back
  • The Tension Gauge will no longer increase when using the Blitz Shield to repel projectiles
  • Purple Roman Cancels (delayed “Purple RC”) now take less time to activate
  • Roman Cancels performed during an opponent’s Blue Psych Burst have been changed from Yellow RC to Red RC
  • Low neutral recovery frame data and behavior has been changed

The complete and rather extensive list of changes made to each character can be found at Shoryuken.

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- is available for PS3 and PS4. Both versions support cross-platform online play, however the PS4 version features a 1080p 60fps presentation, compared to the PS3’s visual output of 720p at 30fps.

Source: Shoryuken
Image courtesy of Arc System Works, Team RED

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