‘The Witch And The Hundred Knight Revival’ Trailer Released, Sequel Confirmed

An updated version of the Sony-exclusive action-RPG from Nippon Ichi is coming to the PS4 later this year, with a sequel to follow in the future.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight is an isometric action-RPG developed exclusively for the PS3. Originally released in 2013, North American and European audiences wouldn’t see Nippon Ichi’s title until the following year. Players wield the power of the Hundred Knight, a small and unimposing demon wielding¬†incredible strength and magical capabilities; his form only possesses some of his abilities, as his true power is sealed away. Even with his extraordinary powers, the Hundred Knight is but a servant of Metallia the Swamp Witch, forced to spread her domain and overthrow Metallia’s eternal rival, Malia the Forest Witch. Gameplay is broken up between several stages and an ever-expanding overworld, similar to those of the Gauntlet and Diablo series.

Several tweets from Nippon Ichi’s Twitter account hinted at a remastered version of The Witch and the Hundred Knight; a PS4 version was confirmed in late April, with a new trailer for The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival launching today. The PS4 version includes sharper visuals and will be presented in 60 frames-per-second; the PS3 version is locked at 30 frames-per-second. Along with the titular Hundred Knight, players will also be able to control Metallia, capable of using magic and a summoned-sword.

A teaser for The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 is tagged onto the closing of the Revival trailer; no details regarding the story, gameplay or characters have been given as of this time.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival will release for the PS4 on 9/25 in Japan; North American and European versions have not been confirmed.

Source: Nippon Ichi
Images courtesy of Nippon Ichi

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